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Three Way Pledge



  • Teach grade level skills and concepts according to California State  and Common Core standards
  • Address the individual needs of every student
  • Provide instruction to accommodate the varying strengths and growth patterns of individual students
  • Provide meaningful communication with parents and opportunities for parental participation (conferencing, phone calls, school functions, school councils, etc.)
  • Provide a safe positive and healthy learning environment
  • Communicate homework , classwork and grade level expectations to parents
  • Notify parent of at risk being early and develop an intervention plan



  • Arrive to class on time everyday and be prepared to learn
  • Take responsibility for your own behavior and learning
  • Return all assigned class and home work in a timely manner
  • Be a respectful and cooperative self-motivated student
  • Ask questions when unclear about any class or school expecations
  • Obey the school dress code and bring learning supplies every day
  • Do not bring any electronic equipment, weapons or gang affiliated items
  • Respect the rights of others to learn by not causing distractions and disruptions




  • Oversee and support your child in the completion of his/er homework
  • Provide a quiet place/time at home for schoolwork and reading and limit tv watching
  • Make sure your gets adequate sleep, exercise and has a healthy diet
  • Encourage your child to read at least 15 minutes daily
  • Support the school and district policies on homework, discipline, attendance and intervention plans developed to help your child achieve academically
  • Review all school communications and return notices that require signatures
  • Attend parent meetings and participate in parent training as appropriate for your child's academic progress