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Rules and Policies

Johnson High School is a closed campus. No student may leave during school hours without parent consent.


Johnson High School is a neutral campus, and there is zero tolerance for gang related activity, making threats, fighting, possession of weapons or drugs, gambling, and defacing property or other students' property.


Students must attend daily. More than one absence is considered excessive.


Students are expected to be punctual and are to be seated in their seats when the tardy bell rings.


Students returning from an absence must bring a note for the reason of the absence to the main office upon their arrival.


School phones are for school business only and are off limits to students. In case of emergency, parent contact will be made by the school.


No food, drinks or food are permitted beyond the lunch area. No gum is allowed on campus.


Students must follow directions by ALL school staff.


Profane and abusive language is prohibited.


Public displays of affection and inappropriate and playful punching is prohibited.


Requests for parent conferences may not be ignored. If a parent is unable to attend they must call to reschedule, otherwise a school-wide suspension will be issued.


No electronic devices (music players, toys, games, cell phones) are allowed on campus. If these items are brought, they will be confiscated.